Relaxation and Therapeutic Massage


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A relaxation massage focuses on giving you time to recover from the stresses of daily life. Long, smooth gliding strokes are rhythmic and flowing. Pressure can be as firm as you prefer but never painful.

The benefits of this kind of massage can last for several days and should lead to better quality sleep. Blood pressure can be lowered, your immune system boosted and muscle tension reduced. Other benefits can be an improvement in bowel movement and improvement to peripheral circulation.

The power of touch has been known throughout history to have healing properties which go beyond relieving the odd ache or pain. Recent studies reveal what it is that makes us feel so calm and  relaxed.
During massage the hormone oxytocin, coined the mother hormone, has been shown to increase in the blood stream. This powerful hormone, which functions as a neurotransmitter in the brain, is released during physical signs of affection and is the primary component of many social, emotional and behavioural functions. It helps sustain social bonds and increases cooperative behaviour.
Oxytocin influences the rest and digest mechanism in the nervous system. It also works closely in combination with another hormone vasopressin, which is important in the flight or fight mechanism (in overdrive when we are stressed and causing physical symptoms such as poor digestion and raised heartbeart). These two hormones together form a kind of yin and yang balance and when working properly allow our bodies and minds to respond in healthy ways to what is presented by the world around us.