Philippa offers Human Givens therapy sessions for all types of emotional imbalance specialising in chronic anxiety and depression. Expect fast, effective and gentle intervention which will provide you with coping strategies, a new perspective on what you are going through and effective, practical guidance towards the best possible you. Drawing from a wealth of psychological wisdom, neuroscience and ancient philopsophy H.G.T. uses all proven methods as well as groundbreaking new techniques to help you realise the changes you want to make.

Do get in contact if you would like help with anger problems, depression, anxiety, phobias, panic attacks, insomnia, self harm or obsessional thoughts.

I have been feeling so much more quiet inside. All that negative internal chatter seems to have gone and  I can cope with challenges of the day. My old confidence is back.  Michael, Head Teacher

I understand now why I was overeating and that really helps. Never let a positive thought (about bingeing) go unchallenged sticks in my head. Whenever times are difficult I use the 7 11 breathing and I just move onto something else. I feel so much more as though I can trust myself around food. Kate, Mum

I was having panic attacks nearly every day and now touch wood I haven t had one for over a month. Simon, Ex Military

My migraines have stopped!!! Hallelujah. I’ve been using the techniques you taught me about moving away from the pain and they work. I’m so grateful. Maureen, Civil Servant 60